True Believers and the Road to Hell

True Believers and the Road to Hell is a podcast which explores the perspectives of persons who have passionately performed stellar work to improve our justice system and our community and the challenges they have faced.

The Road Ahead –
upcoming guests to view:

  • Sen. Mimi Stewart, President pro tem of the New Mexico Senate and education advocate.
  • Attorney Rick Kammen, Guantanamo Lawyer and teacher of lawyers.
  • Raymond Sanchez, New Mexico native, former Speaker of the New Mexico House of Representatives.
  • J. Paul Taylor, Beloved resident of Mesilla and elder statesman for New Mexico.
  • Rep. Phelps Anderson, member of the New Mexico House of Representatives, pragmatist and former Republican.

The Road So Far –
Guest interviews:

Maureen Sanders

Seasoned New Mexico advocate

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“Patience is important to being a judge. Sometimes judges forget how hard it is to be a lawyer.”

“The burning social issue right now is economic inequality.”

Kim Chavez-Cook

Appellate attorney, legislative advocate.

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“We need a prison system that looks nothing like our present system.”

“The system is not perfect because it’s run by humans. Add to that there are far too few resources given to indigent defense.”

Matt Coyte

Prison reform advocate
His second appearance 7/01/2021

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“Solitary confinement makes people worse. It is a machine designed to create mental illness. It affects both inmates and guards.”

“The first solution is to not make things worse.”

Peter Simonson

Executive director, ACLU of New Mexico

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“While decrying cancel culture, the GOP is cancelling education on critical race theory. This is terribly unjust.”

“It’s not all that clear about who’s going to be writing the history books.”

Hon. Martha Vazquez

First female federal judge in New Mexico

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“I learned valuable lessons from my brother being in the federal penitentiary. I saw the terrible toll taken, including on parents and family. I’ve seen the terrible medical treatment and food and how crippled inmates are when they get out.”

As a lawyer “you better not go into federal court green or lazy or burned out. If you’re not able to give it your all you shouldn’t do this.”

Gerald Goldstein

Child of the 60’s, attorney to the stars and the disadvantaged

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Paul Gessing

President, Rio Grande Foundation

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“My political and economic philosophy is laissez faire.”

“I take issue with the idea that there is a massive gender wage gap in this country. . . . it is not a thing broadly speaking.”

“Decisions about schools and Covid were made for political reasons, not for the safety of children.”

Kent Walz

Long-time editor of the Albuquerque Journal

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“We try to report fair and balanced information so people can make decisions, and separate our opinions from reporting. . . . We are careful with our large megaphone.”

Many people have an interesting story to tell; let’s face it, we’re all a mixed bag.”

“We may disagree a bunch but I respect the role of institutions including the defense bar.”

Dr. Pam Love Manning

Inspirational presenter on “the science of finishing”

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After much personal adversity, I think ‘how can I leave the imprint I want to leave’? My legacy is my purpose.

“My message to women about sexuality, ‘align your actions with your values and you’ll minimize your regrets.'”

Jeff Sherr

Turned acting into training for lawyers

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“Theatre is very similar to law; the core of what we’re doing is to tell a story to move our audience to a different place.”

“If we’re going to have an adversary system, we must fund it so advocates can do their job and make a difference.”

Rebecca Brown

Policy director, The Innocence Project

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“We’ve created a system of de-humanization, a system designed to not see a full person but to assign a number.”

“Using a volume-based system is a big problem; it’s a set up for not the best narrative. A goal is to reduce the criminal justice footprint.”

“Conditions of confinement are effectively torture.”

Gary Mitchell

Just a country boy and death penalty attorney

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Andrea Lyon

Powerhouse capital lawyer.
She’s tried 138 murder cases.

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“By doing this work you are making a political statement on behalf of the disenfranchised and the despised.”

“The first question I ask is ‘what color is the victim’?”

Matt Coyte

Prison Reform advocate
June 2019, audio only

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