Michael L. Stout Law



Michael identifies problems in your method, offers techniques to overcome challenges, and reinforces good habits through practice. All levels of trial practitioner will feel more confident and effective after this workshop and leave with a new set of “tools” for the trial toolbag.

Angelica Hall, New Mexico Trial Attorney

Michael presents jury selection as someone with experience in the trenches. Since attending his course I have selected over 20 juries, and in every one have prepared by my notes from his advice. If you’ve found theoretical presentations on jury selection lacking, here is a chance to explore the real word of trial practice.

Sen. Joseph Cervantes, Trial Attorney & State Senator

I attended Michael’s workshop two years ago. Michael was excellent. I learned many important ways to communicate effectively in many different settings (cross, voir dire, direct). It was an extremely valuable and empowering experience. I’d encourage both seasoned and new lawyers to attend.

Nechama Minkowicz, New Mexico Trial Attorney

I found Michael Stout’s workshops interesting, extremely challenging and fun. There is no substitute for actually conducting voir dire and cross-examination under Mr. Stout’s scrutiny. His feedback and critiques are invaluable. I guarantee these courses will change forever the way you ask questions — for your good and that of your clients.

Rep. Gail Chasey, New Mexico Attorney & State Representative